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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


If you say Bodrum's most distinctive landmark is the magnificent Castle of the Hospitalliers, than Gümüslük is the refuge for the art minded community in the peninsula. This is a recluse on which to forget the unreal world. Everyone a different Bodrum of his or her own. Once you go, you will fall in love not only with its natural beauty and historical sites but also with its mesmerizing ambiance. In search of aesthetic ecstasy and spiritual purification and the place to be in for the rest of my life, I have traveled many different parts of the earth. Now that I think of it, I was searching for a place that is bohemian, chic with culture, immersed in tranquility and nightlife, which encompasses a family life as well. I ended up in Gümüslük after 23 years of such intense search. This is my village with its current culture of the rejection of middle-class values. This is my place of enlightenment and rebirth. My village is the perfect antidote for modern-day living. An ancient fishing town, bursting with character and charm, Gümüslük has always attracted the art-minded crowd, bringing a certain aura to this sleepy seaside village. 23 kilometers close to the city of Bodrum, it is possibly the last refuge for searching spirits, "the 10th village for the seekers of truth" as they say in Turkish. An enchanting and quiet town in essence, the village is set amidst tangerine groves and foliage abundant on the surrounding hills and the valley itself. Gümüslük also became the site of Bodrum's first known 'meditation center' called "Kun", which sits on a hill in Karakaya village, overlooking the Aegean. Visitors to Kun practice self-discipline in a sparse environment. Eklisia and Gümüslük Academy had taken the lead in re-establishing Gümüslük into its perceived glorious days. Gümüslük Classical Music Academy is the latest showcase of how some of the inhabitants would like to perceive this small piece of heaven. This is the land of black vine, the black grape of the antiquity; an antique Carian town established on Termerium Point opposite Scandaria Point of Greece. An isthmus geography prodding into the Aegean with its high southern tip in all its might. "Pelasg and Lelegian people, who inhabited the islands under the dominion of Mynos in 2000 BC, invaded the shores and expelled the inhabitants so as to establish their own might. Thus was Myndos became one of the 8 cities established by the Lelegian in the Carian lands," writes Strabon the historian. The Carian governor Mausolos expelled the inhabitants of six cities and forced them to settle in Halicarnassos in 4th century BC. However, Myndos (Gümüslük) was spared. It was relocated to few miles north, where we now live, closer to the sea. Myndos was a copy of Greek city planning and was surrounded by high city walls. The remnants we have left are of those built by Mausolos, additions by the Romans and what is left from the devastating earthquakes. I have to mention that there are people who claim that this is where an entrance to Atlantis exists and they wait for it to open its gates for guests! What makes this place so highly addictive? Maybe what makes it charming and special is the space and time to dream your own dream. Gümüslük is one of the rare places that you will have the opportunity to fuel your imagination and nourish your soul. Gümüslük spell the newcomers at first sight. It offers the perfect balance between simple beaches amidst untainted nature and the opportunity to enjoy genuine hospitality. While staying at the clean pensions or hotels; be your pleasure swimming or observing underwater in calm waters, lying on the beach sipping drinks or exploring the surrounding hillsides and pine forests, your satisfaction is guaranteed. When it is time for the evening meal, the restaurants nestled beside the waters of the bay are famous for their range of mezes and seafood variety. The mezes are how they should be... When the sun goes down, a natural light show begins. Even after the sun disappears behind the islands in the west, the fantastic dance of crimson, purple, pink and red goes on. At the twilight, the first of the stars of the evening shine joyfully in the sky and on the still waters of the bay in harmony. Full moon is definitely an ecstasy on top of this harmony. Gümüslük wakes up late in the morning and stays late into the evening. Myndos' glory was eclipsed centuries ago but fascinating remnants of the past add poignancy to the coastline, combining the simple and sophisticated, protected waters, magnificent views and irresistibly relaxing atmosphere. Be prepared for striking friendships, laughs, ecstatic souls, and lots of hugs, meteor rains, sunrise and the memorable silhouette of Eklisia in the morning against the backdrop of sunrise and exquisite sunsets. When you are visiting, do not forget to bring a sun hat, a towel, a bottle of water, sunburn cream, your camera and swimsuit and a copy of B Magazine! Gümüslük, a sleepy village with great beaches, small built stone houses, fisherman and artists of various media; you will feel that you want to spend the rest of your life here. Please do not miss...

Article by Doğan Şahin :
The above article was published in August 2006 issue of BMagazine and

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