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Wednesday, 10 March 2010



You left Bodrum and are going towards the hinterland…you passed Ortakent, Gurece, Islamhaneleri and finally reached Turgutreis. That distinctive feeling to settle and belong somewhere, to abandon the nomadic lifestyle you have had until now absorbs your senses. You cannot resist this feeling and the ensuing urge to want to live there as you slow down your vehicle, going downhill on the main road, straight towards the hub of Turgutreis. That is when you will feel immortalized. The main road cuts through blocks of white washed houses as you approach the outskirts of the town. Finally, the nonchalant waves of the Aegean salute you, as if inviting you to enjoy the sensational sunsets over the horizon, dotted with many magical islands. Apart from the main road, you may choose to verve into Akcaalan Village entry as you come to the last bend about a kilometer before the first main traffic lights. The main street through Akcaalan village makes a giant curve, offering a spectacular silhouette of Turgutreis below and joins the main road just before the first traffic lights. Along the sides of this charming little village, you will see many teashops and catch a glance of locals, young hearted elders, reading their newspapers or sipping brewed Turkish tea and chatting along. Everybody in the village knows everybody else. Do not be surprised if the elderly salute you as you walk through. They are so warm hearted and sincere that they do not have a word “stranger” in their terminology. Everyone entering the village is considered a guest and you are rather initiated into Turgutreis atmosphere.

Turgutreis town is 19 kilometers close to Bodrum town and is rapidly developing, expanding and growing day by day. Its population is growing just fast as its beauty is increasing. Such an inviting place for change and things new that each time you come back you cannot stop wondering how a place could change so fast, so much. Strictly speaking, it is on the way to compete with Bodrum town in every manner. The town has been given the name Turgutreis in honor of the great Ottoman Admiral of the16th century world, whom the Western world called The Dragut. The "D-Marin Turgutreis" is one of the most elegant marinas along the coast, built by Doğuş Group, which used the latest technologies in constructing the substructure. The marina is the second Customs entry point following Bodrum.

Foremost in terms of low living costs, compared to the other towns, Turgutreis is especially preferred by families, who choose to have a balance in their daily lives between serenity and activity... The region has fast became popular with foreigners who would like to settle in Bodrum peninsula. Known as "Karatoprak in the past, Kadikalesi, the little fishing village 6 kilometers due north from Turgutreis, with its basil and thyme scented narrow streets, as well as Kefalonya, meaning the outermost point in Greek, and Akyarlar Town are all complementing the identity and personality of Turgutreis. The Greek Kos island opposite Turgutreis, just a stone throw away across the Aegean and Akyarlar beach, acclaimed by FORBES magazine of the USA for its crystal clear waters are also world famous tourist spots... 500 meters in length, Karaincir beach offers a secluded and serene time on golden sands, protected from the prevailing winds.

If you too are interested in lighthouses, secluded bays and islands, small or large, Turgutreis should definitely be your choice. Huseyin Burnu Lighthouse, built by the French in 1931 on a spot in Kemer region and the Kucuk Kiremit, Buyuk Kiremit, Fener, Catal, Yassiada, Tulluce, Kargi, Kocek, Sariat, Topan, Coban islands, forming the Sporat Archipelago; the Kargı, Bağla, Akyarlar, Kadıkalesi, Meteorology and Akçabük Bays are places to freely indulge yourself in a once in a life time luxury living and visual feast of kinds.

The bar district is not a place of crowds in a stupor. This area of the town is less crowded than similar set up in other parts of the peninsula. Serenity takes over wherever you happened to be in Turgutreis. It is an immensely joyful event to go shopping for bric a brac in the seaside shopping district and just stroll along into the bar district to enjoy a drink or so afterwards. There are a few coffee shops along the coast and in the bar district for those who prefer refreshments in a different atmosphere. From what we heard of, the coffee shops have already become meeting points! As the proverb suggests “the soul wishes neither the coffee shop nor the coffee, the soul yearns for friendship, the coffee shop is an excuse to see the friends”. In the afternoon, the locals relax under the shades, sipping their tea and cooling off. A happy smile is prevalent on people’s faces and peaceful souls get ready for what the night offers. Of course, another meeting point is the Sevket Sabanci High school, which has a 5000 seating capacity amphitheatre within its grounds, where all sorts of activities are held throughout the year.

When comes Saturday, this peaceful town becomes the attraction of people from around the peninsula and crowds fill the beaches and streets. Turgutreis hosts one of the cheapest and largest local markets in Bodrum and the chatter of people from all over the world mingle with the occasional calls of the street sellers, creating an ambiance of mystique qualities. Buyers of course include those who come from Kos Island specifically for the markets.

Transforming into a small city day by day, Turgutreis is not for those with nomadic lifestyles. If you do happen to come, you can be sure that you will start to consider settling in Turgutreis and spending the rest of your life here. Because, this town instantly evokes the feelings of inner security and your resistance to settling down magically subsides.

Translation-Doğan şahin ( BMagazine)

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