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Wednesday, 10 March 2010



A rather elite and noble choice it is to dine and wine in one of its restaurants, to dream the dream of happiness, couched in front of a fireplace in an old stone house amongst mandarin groves in the dead of winter; and to watch the stars in the green gardens filled with the scent of orange colored sun. Does that sound too romantic? On the contrary, I can safely claim here that the atmosphere in Bitez will transform the most realistic souls into dedicated romantics. Bitez is the place to rest following raving nights in Bodrum or the place to store energy beforehand! If you are after red hot nightlife, Bitez is not for you.; but if you want to absorb the peace and happiness hidden amongst the tumultuous mixture of the green and the blue, sprinkled with the orange rays of the sun, find yourself a corner on the canvas, for you are in the right place.

Only five minutes drive from Bodrum center, Bitez is the place where you will observe the most mesmerizing shades of the colors blue and green. A jewel in the crown, so to speak, the crescent shaped beachside is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, hotels, pensions and textile shops; thus, preventing the noise of traffic reaching the shore. The side streets and roads are impeccably maintained and clean.

Known as "Ağaçlı” in the past, vast mandarin groves and many stone houses will warmly greet you as you wonder towards the heartland of the town. Bitez is a preferred spot for those foreign visitors who want to hide from boring crowds, not to mention the attraction of the relics of the bygone era. You are likely to come across some antique ruins around town or hidden deep amongst mandarin trees. Mosaic works of a chapel, thought to be built around 5th or 6th century as well as the water cisterns are still intact. Bitez shores are a heaven for those surfing and sailing buffs. Especially throughout the summer season, Bitez shores are alive with surfing and sailing contests, offering spectacular visual feasts of sails quivering over the blue seas.

Many of the visitors of Bitez come here solely for its beaches. Mor Plaj is a favorite amongst beachgoers for the purple colored structures and furniture of the Purple Beach café promises tranquility.

Traditional and the modern is so mingled that you can see a village within a city or vice versa in the details of the town and the latest news is that Remzi Gungor, the mayor of Bitez, is dedicated to have a 5 star hotel built in the town in the near future.

It is necessary for everyone to take a walk on the promenade, whistling the tunes of the well-known and sad song dedicated to the immortal love between Halil Efe and Cakir Gussun “this is not Aspat my dear Halil, lo this is Bitez Beach/ where the bullet wound pierced my soul”. Reminiscences of the past are a proof of the ever-present romanticism and sadness is something you cannot feel in Bitez anymore.

Indeed, life is all about Bitez.

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