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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


After all the wars, famine and epidemics throughout history, the literature and social sciences teachers of our country have made an enormous effort to make the young would be `intellectual` like literature of any kind and therefore contribute in creating a healthy society. Whilst doing that, they have passed the knowledge gathered from Western as well as Turkish literature to new audience and each time once again. What I am going to write from here on is just a repeat of things past...with the hope that they will be understood.

We know that each word that is put on paper is the result of some direct experiences. As such, it is utmost important that the reader is in intellectual harmony with what is being read. The reader only finds out what kind of literature they want to read after much research. Poetry or Prose?

Literature has expressed the fears, hopes and the differences as well as the incomprehensible nature of the life lived and therefore reflected the culture of that particular society in every period and trend.

Text, whether in books or gazettes are choc-full of masterpieces which have survived the difficult conditions in the past and present and in my opinion every intelligent person should have at least a minimal idea about them, especially when one considers the mind boggling speed of technology and the transfer of information.

Many of the young brains whom we try to teach the English language are under the influence of such a cultural bombardment. How? With the different taste! Of the magazines, films, clothing.... and almost all of them plan to live in a Western country one day, whether for business or pleasure.

Human lives, traditions, beliefs and attitudes and the substructure of their culture are all hidden in texts.

I carry the belief that every literate human being have at least once in their lives thought of ` writing a book`.

When I wanted to be an independent and free person who is aware of the world we live in, I realized that I had to read tirelessly, and more importantly analyze the knowledge for the purpose of applying them to the society I live in. Is reading enough by itself? Wouldn’t it be great if they wrote too, a pencil and a sheet of paper, once you start the rest comes. At least until that page is finished.

After a while I suddenly realized that my intelligence was thirsty for still more knowledge, I started to see my deficiencies and I placed my cards on the table; I could demand now, I had grown up.

Dogan Sahin- 2000 Sydney Harmony Newspaper.

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